FROM Priority News · Feb 7, 2017

2017 Legislative Priorities

The Georgia Travel Association (GATA) OPPOSES policies or legislation that supports, promotes, or is perceived to encourage or condone discrimination. The establishment and practice of discriminatory policies or those that appear discriminatory will jeopardize the state’s ability to grow its economy and will negatively impact Georgia’s reputation as a leader for hospitality and tourism.


Tourism Marketing
Tourism is a vital economic engine for Georgia. A better-funded tourism promotion campaign led by the Georgia Department of Economic Development will encourage greater visitation, generate new tax dollars, and create jobs for local communities. Therefore, GATA SUPPORTS policies that increase state investment in travel marketing.


Workforce Development
GATA SUPPORTS efforts to improve workforce readiness in order to improve career opportunities and promote the long-term viability of Georgia’s hospitality-related businesses. To achieve this goal, Georgia’s secondary and post-secondary institutions must effectively prepare current and future workers for careers in a variety of technical and professional disciplines.


Gateway Entrances for the State
GATA SUPPORTS the sufficient funding and enhanced management of key entrances for the State of Georgia with modern signage and welcome centers for the purpose of enhancing the state’s travel brand.


Uniform School Calendar
Uniform school schedules across the state’s public K–12 school systems would allow Georgia families to maximize their opportunity to travel within Georgia without facing conflicting school schedules among their children. Additionally, employers in the hospitality and tourism sector will achieve a more stable workforce as many offer employment opportunities to high school students. GATA SUPPORTS efforts to research the feasibility of aligning statewide school calendars.



View the 2017 Legislative Priorities PDF here.

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